1. I like the plugin, but when I share a post on Facebook the description includes the date, time and a few other snippets, all without spaces. IT would be great if we could use shortcodes in the setup to specify exactly which text we want, rather than just being able to set a generic description.

    1. Hi Jay,
      The content being shared depends upon the meta tags used in the HTML source of the post/page being shared. Sharing just captures content from these meta tags.
      If you can provide me the URL of your website, I can look into it.

    1. Hey Johannes,
      I checked the sharing icons at your website but could not find such issue. Sharing icons and other content at your website might not load properly sometimes because of slow internet connection.

    1. Hi Tony,
      Can you provide specific url of the webpage of your website where you are facing this issue?
      You can enable Facebook commenting by navigating to “Facebook” menu under “Super Socializer” in your WordPress admin panel.

  2. Hi Champ, thanks for the plugin. I just installed the plugin on a new multisite. The “socializing buttons” show up. (Is “print” useful as a default member today?). That is nice.

    However I do not see any “social login”. Have I missed something?

        1. It seems, you have not enabled Social Login at login page (and at other pages). You can enable Social Login at login, register and comment form by navigating to “Social Login” section at “Social Login” page under “Super Socializer” menu in the left sidebar of WordPress admin panel.

        1. The Super Socializer menu should be there in the left sidebar (and so the other options) in WordPress admin panel, if you have “Network activated” the plugin from “Plugins” page in multisite network dashboard.

      1. A suggestion: Could you perhaps change the defaults? For a multisite it makes much more sense to have social login enabled by default.

        Or, is it somehow possible to let the options for the main site be default for the other sites? That would be even better since it is more flexible.

        1. I have not enabled Social Login by default beacuse it requires user to create Apps for Social ID providers to use Social Login.
          If you create new blog in multisite, options saved in the main blog will be replicated to the new blog created. I am soon gonna provide this option for existing old blogs in the network too.

      2. Thanks. I think it was a misunderstanding on my side how multisite plugins shouls work. My understanding at the moment is that the main blog is that the main blog could be a “master” blog for the plugins settings (the way you are planning to do it). Perhaps that is the intention of the WP architecture?

        I see another issue here: What happens if the main blog is switched to another blog? Can a plugin like yours then change the defaults to the new defaults?

        Further issues: For a simple value there could be three choices ON, OFF, USE DEFAULT. It could be very hard to maintain a multisite without that structure. What do you think about that?

        1. When you first setup multisite, the first blog is called the main blog (the one you get while installing WordPress)
          If main blog is switched to another blog, the options you saved in the main blog remains unchanged after switching.
          For your idea on three choices:
          1. If you create a new blog in your multisite network, the options saved in the main blog are replicated to the newly created blog. Because in most of the cases, admin wants to configure the same options in other blogs.
          2. For the blogs already created in your multisite network, I will provide an option in the plugin options of main blog in the multisite, to replicate the same changes to other blogs. So there is no need of the three choices.

  3. I have not enabled Social Login by default beacuse it requires user to create Apps for Social ID providers to use Social Login.
    If you create new blog in multisite, options saved in the main blog will be replicated to the new blog created. I am soon gonna provide this option for existing old blogs in the network too.

    1. That sounds very nice. πŸ˜‰ And it sounds like the right way for multisite plugins to go.

      For this plugin, do users have to login separately for each blog? Is that even handled by the plugin or is it a feature of WP?

  4. When I try to change Super Socializer options I get an error when I try to save:

    “ERROR: options page not found.”

    (This is on the main blog in my new multisite.)

        1. To fix it, open “wp-content/plugins/super-socializer/super-socializer.php” in your code editor, search “// if multisite is enabled and this is the main website” and delete all the code below this line (including it) and save the changes. Replace existing file, if prompted.

      1. Then this is not related to plugin.
        I tested my plugin with multisite and some users are also using plugin with their multisite network. Something is wrong with your WordPress installation.

        1. Thanks. Yes, maybe. All I can say now is that the plugin is doing what it should do, but I can not change any options. (I get the error above.)

          Can you confirm that it is possible to change options on other sites?

          I have renamed the main blog and it started as an import from a wordpress.com site that I wanted to move. So I guess it could be broken, but perhaps it would be good to see what is broken then.

  5. Hey

    I’m trying to figure this out, seems I have Facebook social login for the comments turned on and working (not on the Facebook tab, on the Social login tab) however I am unable to make Twitter and Google+ sign in for comments work in the same way – http://thesortinghouse.co.uk/nails/mermaid-leopard-print-nails-lundi-leopard/.

    Further to this I wasn’t able to follow your tutorials exactly as I was taken through the consoles on the respective sites, is it possible they’ve updated their consoles or renamed/moved fields since you posted the tutorials? Anyway that may have nothing to do with it and it might be something I’m missing, but just wanted to highlight that to you as well in case..

    Any help appreciated!

    1. Hi Natacha,
      I looked into the issue and found that you have not followed the steps mentioned to configure Google and Twitter apps properly. Please follow them again by creating a new app.
      I also verified the app configuration steps and found that nothing has changed in API consoles.

      1. Hi thanks for your response, I tried to re-do the steps for the Twitter consumer key and secret as you have laid out at https://thechamplord.wordpress.com/2014/01/28/getting-twitter-consumer-key-and-secret/
        I am still unable to make it work even in following these steps carefully, I don’t understand why if everything is included in your guide? What am I missing?
        Similarly are we supposed to set up an access token? What type of access permission does the app need to have? And what about the Get, Post etc options?
        Sorry for all the questions, I’m new to all this!

        1. I checked at your website and seems that you have configured the Google Plus app properly. To resolve Twitter login issue, try enabling WordPress debugging.
          To enable debugging, open “wp-config.php” file, located under your WordPress root directory, in code editor. Find following code

          define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);

          and replace with following

          define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

          Save the file.
          Now login with Twitter and let me know any errors displayed.

  6. sometimes i get the facebook login icon, sometimes i dont… i would need to refresh the page in order for it to appear, can you help me?

    i get the following on FFΒ΄s console:

    “Invalid App Id: Must be a number or numeric string representing the application id.” all.js:56
    “FB.getLoginStatus() called before calling FB.init().” all.js:56
    “FB.init has already been called – this could indicate a problem” all.js:56


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    as smartly as with the structure on your weblog. Is this a paid
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  8. Hi I am looking at your plugin for my site and I have two questions!
    1. Is this ‘Leave A Reply’ box part of your plugin? I hope so I like it!
    2. Do you have an option to have floating social icons on web and blog pages?

    Thanks in anticipation of your reply

    1. Hi,
      No the “Leave a reply” section at this website is not part of my plugin.
      From “Floating social icons”, I think, you mean social sharing floating icons. Currently, floating cons are not there, however you can user horizontal sharing interface above and below your post/page content. But the plugin is worth trying for sure..:)

  9. sweet plugin easy to setup and use πŸ™‚ however i wanted to make a login page with the social plugin as “mainpost” is this possible to embed this widget/plugin as a full page?

    1. Hey,
      Thanks for appreciation.
      Create a new page/post in your WordPress website admin panel. Provide a suitable title, use shortcode [TheChamp-Login] to display Social Login interface in the page/post content.

        1. I visited the page and Social Login is appearing there. Social Login will not be visible to logged in user. I think, you were logged in your website when you visited the webpage.

          1. OMG yes you are right! thanks. I wonder why i did not think of that before! haha i will leave you a thank you on the wordpress as well.(when i fixed my site) shouldn’t be to long now πŸ™‚

    1. Hi,
      There are many JS minifiers available online, if you Google, you can use suitable among them to minify the js files. BTW I am planning to include the minified JS and CSS files in next release.

    1. Hi,
      Username is derived from the First name and Last name of user’s social profile/account. So, if First name in user’s social profile is lower-cased, username will also be lower-cased.

      1. That is what I thought, I tested g+ API with my g+ ID (111922313257870545295), it returns:

        200 OK

        – Show headers –

        “name”: {
        “familyName”: “Antal”,
        “givenName”: “Tamas”

        BTW: the same g+ account that I used to sign in to this site.
        Yet, the user in WP is created with all lowercase.

        Any idea what I have done wrong?

        1. Then there must be a user already registered from the email of Google account (same email from different provider) you mentioned, so when you logged in using this Google account, it logs you in and displays the firstname and lastname of that already existing account. Please check

          1. I deleted all users, check the db directly, had no user. Signed up with Facebook, it worked nicely. Therefore I guess it is not my WP install that causes the error.
            Signed out, deleted user, checked db, it was gone. Then signed in with g+, all lowercase…
            checked db, all fields are lowercase (so it’s not a display issue).

  10. how should i know if there’s a new facebook comment in my posts? i do not receive notifications that there are people who posted comments.

  11. Hi,
    i’m using your plugin and it’s very cool and easy to use, but i’ve faced one small problem and i don’t know where it come from. If somebody make a comment over facebook on a side, the link on the commenter’s facebook site is not working. When you click on the image which is also add to the facebook post .. it works perfectly but not on the Link next to the picture? I’ve tried ist also on http://super-socializer-wordpress.pyrovolt.com/ … go to the commenters facebook site and try to click the link … and the only thing i get is a facebook error, that this link is missing, and perhaps the destination site has moved … from facebook directly … hopefully you understand what i mean. πŸ™‚

    Thanks and regards from germany!

    1. Hi Benjamin,
      Thanks for the appreciation.
      Are you facing this issue at your website (if yes, provide me website url)? Can you provide me link where I can see this issue?
      I tried it on my test website but could not replicate the issue.

  12. Good day,

    First of all thanks for a wonderful plugin, the only problem I have is that when a do a facebook share on a post, it shows a different picture. How can I resolve this?

    Best regards,
    Jonathan S.

    1. Hey Chris,
      Thanks for your love πŸ™‚
      When you click Facebook icon, the sharing interface is generated by Facebook. Plugin does not have any control on it.
      I guess, we got to wait till Facebook changes the font style πŸ˜‰

  13. Hi,
    http://www.waytostayfit.com this is my website where i applied this Super Socializer. On the default home page there are all article with short description. But after activate this plugin all the description got hide and icons for share also just load for few seconds and then they also got disappear. Please help me.


  14. Hi Champ!

    I have an issue with the share feature that is baffling me on a clients site, when i share form the page it is not pulling in the clients site details for FB or Google or Linkedin, instead in shares our own website, the only reference of our site on this clients site is a footer link.

    When we share to twitter however it works fine?

    Any ideas??


      1. Hi Champ!

        Sorted it, the problem was not with your plugin but I was overlooking something obvious πŸ™‚

        Thanks for getting back to me though


  15. super_socializer.php file gets deleted every time I install on the server. i have re-installed several times but it get deleted all the time. And all the time is only that file that gets deleted. Is it a problem with the host company? if so, why have they configured their system to do so? is the file considered dangerous?

  16. First I want to say this is a great plugin!!! I just have one issue. When my current members login using their FB accounts prior to linking it creates a new account. When I delete the new account they cannot link it tells them it is already in use. How can I fix this? Thanks so much for your time

    1. Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the appreciation πŸ™‚
      For now, you can display some message to user to link their social accounts to their profile before Social Login.
      We will fix this in upcoming release. You can drop an email at support[at]heateor[dot]com, if you need an urgent solution.

      1. Thanks so much!!! Heading over to give you a 5 star
        review!!! BTW it is just a couple of users right now so I will be sure and post the info you suggested. And let them know as soon as we get a fix I the will be able to link.

  17. Hi, your plugin is great but for some, the facebook comments widget is displayed in…german. I checked the general options, fr_FR is written. I’m french, the plugin is in english, I really don’t understand where this german is comin from. Can you help please

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