1. Great plugin! I was wondering if there was a way to use the horizontal sharing interface on mobile and the vertical one on desktop? Would love to know if this is part of the functionality, and suggest it for the next update if it isn’t. Cheers!

      1. Right! Is there a way to make the horizontal sharing interface show up on mobile while ONLY the vertical one shows up on desktop? Currently I can only have the horizontal show up on mobile and the horizontal AND vertical show up on desktop. Thoughts?

        1. To center align the sharing and counter interfaces, place following code in the functions.php file (you can find it under “wp-content/themes/ACTIVE_THEME” folder) of your theme:

          function the_champ_custom_css(){

          .the_champ_horizontal_sharing ul.the_champ_sharing_ul {
          width: 225px;
          .the_champ_horizontal_counter ul.the_champ_sharing_ul {
          width: 343px;
          ul.the_champ_sharing_ul {
          margin: 0 auto !important;
          .the_champ_horizontal_sharing, .the_champ_horizontal_counter{
          text-align: center

          add_action('wp_head', 'the_champ_custom_css');

          Save the file back. Replace existing file, if prompted.

          Note: In the above CSS the width 225px needs to be increased by 38px per icon, if you include more sharing icons in the sharing bar. Currently, there are six icons, 225px will work fine for this. For example – If you include LinkedIn also, then you need to change the width to 263px in the above CSS. Similarly, the width 343px for counter interface can be adjusted according to the icons enabled.

          I will soon provide an option in plugin to left, center and right align sharing and counter interfaces.

          1. Thx for the solution but if you don’t mind i’m gonna wait untill you update it yourself. 🙂
            Don’t like to mess myself in the CSS.

            No rush though, i see it more as a nice option to have.

            Thx already for your time. 🙂

    1. HI, thanks for the appreciation and donation.
      You can find the list of params in “Shortcode & widget” section at “Social Login”, “Social Sharing” and “Social Counter” pages in admin panel of your website.

  2. Hi champ,

    Love the plugin and using it.

    i have one question, is there a way to know who shared the content of a page and not just how many people did.

    Please advise

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your love.
      There isn’t any such option in the plugin. But if you like I can customize the plugin for you to include this feature. Just drop me an email at lordofthechamps[at]gmail[dot]com regarding this.

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