How to secure WordPress Website

We all know WordPress is the most popular Content Management System, powering millions of websites all over the web. This makes it the favorite target for hackers. You can secure your WordPress website by following some easy practices which are mentioned below.

Never use admin as username

Easiest thing you can do to give hackers a difficult time, is to never use “admin” as username for login. You can easily block most of the brute-force attacks by following this practice. WordPress asks the username while installation when you can choose a catchy username (something like HocusPocus or SeriousSam ;)) other than “admin”.

Use strong password

I personally know many people using “123456” and “password” as passwords for their WordPress admin login which can be easily guessed. Always try to use all the possible special characters, numbers, small and capital letters in your password.

Keep your WordPress website and plugins up-do-date

WordPress community takes care of possible security threats. You should keep an eye on available WordPress updates and update your website as soon as there is one. Same applies to plugins. First of all, make sure the plugins you are using are actively updated. Update your plugins if there are updates available.

Choose a secure website hosting

If there is a possibility of a vulnerability to be exploited in any service on your hosting platform, it does not matter if your WordPress website is up-to-date. When choosing a hosting service for your WordPress website, make sure security is their first priority. Support for latest PHP and MySQL versions and intrusion detection system are some of the features worth looking for in a hosting service.

Use security plugins

There are many security plugins out there in WordPress plugin directory that add extra security to your WordPress website. Login Lockdown, Wordfence, Limit login attempts to mention a few.

Regular backups

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. In a worst case scenario, even after taking all the security measures, if something bad happens, you should have the backup of your website files and database. Most of the website hosting providers provide the feature to create backups from hosting cpanel. If there is not any such option, you can manually download your website files and database. It is considered a good practice to backup your website at least once a week.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Let me know if there is any cool security tip which is not covered here. Comment form is right below waiting for your comments 🙂

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