Manifest Money – Million Dollar Experiment

This time, it is not about any technical topic.

It’s about very general thing. Money. Yes, everyone needs money to survive, to live, to enjoy and most importantly, to live in abundance. But it’s not easy for everyone to make money. At least most of the people think so, even though I don’t. After going through various ups and downs and having grown up 27 years old, I realized that it’s only you who is responsible for your fortune or misery (99.99% of the time. Let’s keep 0.01% for other nasty things).

Power of Intention

There is this thing called “Intention”. Before you take actions to do something, you put your intent to do that, you decide that you want to do that. Say, you want to grab the glass of water placed on the table in front of you. You first intend to get the glass before moving your hand towards the glass, subconsciously though.

So, where does this decision or intention arises from? It arises from your subconscious or if decided consciously, it arises from your consciousness. If you want to manifest a goal, you first need to DECIDE that you want to achieve that goal. Don’t worry about how it will happen. If you are at step 1 and intend to go to one millionth step, don’t ponder over how you will get there. Just decide to reach there and most of the resources will come into the scene after taking the decision. Keep taking one step at a time and scene would keep getting clearer. And as some great person has already said (I don’t remember their name though :)) –

Once you make a decision, the whole universe conspires to make it happen.

Such is the power of intention.

Whenever you set a goal, put all logic and worries aside. Remember if you worry, “How would I do that?”, “This is impossible for a miserable person like me” etc,  you are setting the power of thoughts in motion. Your thoughts are energy. These set things into motion. So, think wisely. Don’t set your thoughts to auto-pilot. Decide firmly to yourself – “I intend to get a better job”, “I decide to start my own business” etc. Then start working in that direction positively and look for synchronicities and omens universe gives you. Key is to be open to any relevant opportunity and take action when universe gives you a chance.

Manifest Money – Million Dollar Experiment

We are going to use power of intention to manifest money, one million dollar, in our lives. It’s not going to cost you anything except a few seconds from your daily routine.

The Intention

Each person willing to participate needs to consciously hold the following intention with faith:

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend $1,000,000 to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention.

Useful Tips

For best results in this experiment, don’t modify above intention. Use it as is, word to word. You have to hold above intention consciously with a calm mind and with FAITH every day at least twice, preferably before going to sleep and after waking up in the morning. Holding the intention simply means, repeating it in your heart, reading it aloud, writing it somewhere and reading it, singing it, visualizing it, writing a blog about it, discussing it with others, meditating on it or whatever that works for you if you have been experimenting with intention-manifestation already. Hold the intention once at a time with the expectation that it will manifest, then release it completely and allow the universe to take care about the rest. Just let the universe know what you intend and have faith that it will happen in its own perfect time. Just make sure to do it regularly and if possible at the same time everyday.

Remember, FAITH and BELIEF are very important in this experiment. Do it without faith and don’t expect it to work for you. Remove all the negative words and emotions like doubt, fear, hopelessness from your mind before holding this intention. If possible, fill yourself with positive energy before holding this intention. For this, you can spend time on your hobby before holding this intention. Also, invite as many friends, colleagues, relatives as possible to this webpage to make the manifestation process seamless and fast, as it’s easy to manifest in a group rather than doing it alone. To make the manifestation process more effective, we can decide the exact time when all the people participating can hold the intention, simultaneously. Interested people can comment below the post.

As you continue to hold this intention, don’t start doing anything physically in this direction unless you feel doing so intuitively. Don’t think about how the money will manifest, just intend and trust the universe. Universe might give you a sign as a new idea, new opportunities or unusual coincidences. If you see any such sign and feel inspired, you can take action.

Why Join the Million Dollar Experiment

  • Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire
  • Boost your confidence that you can manifest anything if you put proper intention positively
  • Be a part of a global thought experiment and experience the power of group focus
  • It’s easy and quick to manifest in a group rather than doing it alone
  • It’s FREE
  • You just need to invest a few seconds from your daily schedule
  • It may affect positively your perspective of life and how you deal with the problems in daily life

Share your Experiences

Share your experiences by commenting below.

Good luck 🙂


  1. Just want to share that things are speeding up for me since the beginning of this experiment. I received a software development request separate from the plugin development business that is the main source of my income.

  2. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article. It is very well written. One must read the article couple of times over a period of time to get full benefits.

    I have also been writing articles on similar topics but they are shorter, for example: From Poverty Mindset to Prosperity Mindset ( ), How to Apply Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams ( ).

    Please do read and give your views too. Happy manifesting to all.

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