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Story behind thechamplord.wordpress.com

You must be thinking why I have chosen “thechamplord” as the name of the blog. When I started as an independent software developer with the release of social plugin for WordPress, Super Socializer, I had to create a new email address (which was supposed to be something pretty cool). I decided to create lordofthechamps(at)gmail(dot)com. I also wanted to create a personal blog having a relevant name. I searched for “lordofthechamps.wordpress.com” and “thechamp.wordpress.com” which were already taken. Eventually, I finalized “thechamplord.wordpress.com” which was the only available blog name close to the email address I had created.


  1. I want to thank yo u for you super socializer plug-in, and even moreso for you very clear and concise (and graphically appealing) instructions for registering the app with the various organizations – to enable logins. Very good job. Thank you.

    1. Hey Leo,
      Social counters are official like/share/+1 buttons provided by Social networks. These are incorporated as is in the plugin. There is nothing we can do about it.

  2. Dear Rajat, thank you very much for Supersocializer! It’s really great. I only have a problem that I don’t know if it depends on Supersocializer or not, but when I share an article from my blog on Google+ and sometimes on FB the photo doesn’t come out. Can you help me? Thank you in advance. Marina

  3. I like the Super Socializer. Awesome work. Thank you.

    I wish people could log in with WordPress.com or OpenID as well.

    There’s no donate option. I would have donated a small amount, if I could.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation, S.M.
      I am planning to include more social networks in the next release of Super Socializer.
      It would be great if I could return you something for your donation. I have some paid features. Just drop me an email at lordofthechamps[at]gmail[dot]com.

      1. Added to contacts. Will mail you in a few months (as soon as I recover part of the money spent on the site). 😀

  4. Hey, I’m facing a problem here. I have activated login with FB, G+ and Twitter, but the Twitter login isn’t working.

      1. I got it. Twitter registration requires creation of dummy emails, but we want the actual email. So Socializer asks the user for an email address. Is that it?

        1. Yes, Twitter does not provide email of the user that’s why plugin asks the email. You can turn off this feature by disabling “Email required” option from “Social Login” section at “Super Socializer > Social Login” page in admin panel. Then plugin will create a dummy email whenever new user logs in using Twitter without asking them their email.

          1. How can I tell people that? In the comments form, it shows “connect with” or something like that. I would like to mention it there that Twitter users will need to verify by email. Can I?

  5. Hey Champ, in my website, while testing the plugin, I tried logging in with FB and now instead of showing my Gravatar pic, it shows my FB profile pic. How can I change it back to Gravatar? I tried disconnecting my WP profile from FB profile. Nothing changed. 😦

      1. One thing though. I see that if I enable it again, it shows FB pic again. Is there a way to delete the cache or something? Because I want to show the social avatars of my commenters.

        1. You can either show gravatars or social avatars. You just asked how to enable gravatars, now you are asking to show social avatars. To enable social avatars, enable that option again.

          1. No, I want to show MY gravatar, but social avatar fo commenters. Before connecting with FB, it was showing my gravatar and not social avatar. So I’m asking is there any way to delete cache or data or anything?

            What if I uninstall and reinstall?

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