How To Change WordPress Database Prefix To Improve Security

Most people do not bother changing the default WordPress database prefix (wp_) during its installation. This leaves your website vulnerable to mass attack of hackers and spammers. It’s easier for spammers and hackers to target a WordPress website with default database prefix.

So, don’t worry if you (deliberately ;)) forgot to change default database prefix while installing WordPress. You can take charge of WordPress security by following simple steps mentioned below. (more…)

How To Create WordPress Theme

How to Create a WordPress Theme

We are going to create a simple WordPress theme to have the basic idea of WordPress theme development.

Theme Structure

There will be five files in our theme:

  1. style.css – Will have the CSS style and theme information, like – author and other complimentary stuff
  2. index.php – Is the main webpage template
  3. header.php – Is template file for the header area of webpage
  4. sidebar.php – Is template file for the sidebar area (right side) of webpage
  5. footer.php – Is template file for the footer area of webpage


Using Javascript window.onload Event Properly

Recently one of the users of Super Socializer contacted me regarding an issue at his website due to the plugin conflict with some other plugin. When I investigated the issue I found that the way window.onload event was being used in the Javascript code of that plugin, was causing the issue. This was quite annoying because the flaw in the code of other’s plugin was causing to break the functionality of my plugin.

I am highlighting that issue here so that coders can keep this in mind while using window.onload event in their code next time.